Project Description

PODIMATAS GROUP (P.C. PODIMATAS AUDIOVISUAL S.A., PPDAUPBEAT, CONGRESSRENTAL) was assigned by Cascadia Motivation and EZ Greece to design and organize the overall production of a corporate party with 1.200 guests.


PPDA team created a unique atmosphere based on the concept of Olympian Greek Gods and the myths connected with them. A breathtaking environment full of scenographic elements, floral rains, bespoke furniture, unconventional table decor, innovative stage and scenic design, decor props was set to host our special guests! More than 40 performers and artists brought life to the place with theme acts and shows.


Special lighting designed by P.C. PODIMATAS AUDIOVISUAL S.A. and captivating music provided by our exceptional UPBEAT team.


“Athinon Arena” venue was totally transformed to fit the concept and create the ultimate experience! 


Thank you, Cascadia Motivation

Thank you, EZ Greece



PODIMATAS GROUP, proud member of Congress Rental Network & AV Alliance.

Athinon Arena