Rental Of Conference Equipment

The department has equipment for congresses such as BOSCH DCN NG/DICENTIS/INTEGRUS. The most complete digital conference and translation system currently on the international market, in conjunction with the microphone and loudspeaker (cordless microphone) accompanying it fully meets the specifications for absolute purity sound and transfer of interpreting to every lecture, business meeting, conference and in general each event in conjunction with the ease of use of translation receivers by delegates. The department has all types of translation chambers, I.S.O. 4043 as well as A.I.I.C.

Dicentis Congress System


DICENTIS Microphones

• 7″ capacitive touchscreen for video, meeting content and internet access
• Built in Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless tag reader
• Unobtrusive pluggable microphone
• Built in two way loudspeaker
• Additional functionality via software licenses and third party/custom apps


Central Unit

• Allows access to DCN software
• Direct computer control
• Backup manual system in the event of a failure of the computer that checks it
• Built-in power adapter to provide power to both the Home Module and all externally connected microphonetranslation

Translation System Integrus

• Compatible with IEC 60914, the international standard for S.I. equipment
• Compatible with IEC 61603, the international standard for digital broadcast of infrared signal for conference sound
system for conferences and other events
• Up to 32 digital channels
• Wireless transmission, permits participants freedom of movement
• Transmission frequency 2-8 MHz
• Digital audio system


Interpretation desk

• Low susceptibility to mobile phone interference
• Ergonomic design with features for visually impaired
• Up to 31 interpretation channels and the original floor language with an audio bandwidth of 20 kHz
• A graphic LCD with backlighting for bright information display in dark conditions
• 5 pre-select keys for relay languages with activation indication at the display
• Compliant to ISO 2603


Infrared Transmitter

• Excellent audio quality
• Advanced digital technology
• Infra-red for freedom of movement for delegates
• Simultaneous interpretation
• User-friendly channel selection
• Can distribute a maximum of 4, 8, 16 or 32 audio channels
• Can be used with DCN Next Generation, or analogue systems like the CCS 900
• Flexible configuration of channels and channel quality modes for efficient distribution
• Configuration of transmitter and system via a display and one single rotary push button

LBB 4511/00 – LBB 4512/00


• Radiators used for infrared transmission of the audio/interpretation channels
• LBB 4511/00 covers up to 1300 m2 (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
• LBB 4512/00 covers up to 2600 m2 (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
• Automatic gain control ensures the IREDs (infrared emitting diodes) function with maximum efficiency
• Power output selection for efficiency and economy
• Safety eye


• 32 Channels
• Support Clip for easy use
• Up to 200 hours of operation with rechargeable batteries
• Total charge within 1 hour and 45 minutes
• On/Off button
• Volume button
• Channels selector (up/down)
• Termination of operation when headphones are detached
• Measurements (Η x W. x W) : 155 x 45 x 30 mm (6.1 x 1.8 x 1.2 in)
• Compatible Headphone connection : 1,3 m. of cable with 3,5 mm connector.
• Specially-designed IC for maximum performance and a long battery life time
• Recharging electronics integrated in the chip, ensuring optimum charging performance
• 2-digit LCD display with battery and reception status indication

Translation Booths

• Easy to assemble, portable cab for simultaneous interpretation
• Standard for two people, optionally can be extended to four people
• Designed according to ISO-4043
• 8 wall surfaces, 2 ceiling surfaces, 2 floor surfaces and a work bench
• Optional ventilation system – Removable or permanent
• Measurements: (X)1,6m X (Y)1,6m X (H)2,00m