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Our advanced technological investment, along with the highly experienced personnel, guaranties the best outcome for your event!

PODIMATAS AUDIOVISUAL provides high-performance sound and line array PA systems. We undertake venue analysis for sound installations, along with speaker and sound design systems, and we offer top technological equipment, that a high-standard audiovisual event requires, such as concerts and musical events (both outdoor and indoor) with large audiences.

Video – Visuals
Having invested on high-end technology, we can make your event stand out! Widescreens, Led Walls, Plasma Walls or Air Screens provide impressive presentations. Not to mention Mapping and Video Mixing that can really amaze your audience!

We offer a full range of professional lighting equipment and light mixer services: from a simple ambient lighting, stage wash or spotlight to a more complex theatrical lighting, like special effects, truss systems and moving heads. Investing on the proper lighting of a venue, it can boost the energy of the event’s elements and highlight them! There is no doubt that your event can enjoy an exclusive and memorable light mood impact!

Special Effects
We make events spectacular with special effects ranging from indoor pyrotechnics and flames, to custom water features and rain curtains.
If you’re looking to visually enhance your event, then explore our website for inspiration and ideas. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something very specific, call one of our experienced team members to talk through your project.

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