Rental Of Sound Equipment

The department includes high-performance and loud systems that can accommodate high-performance audio and power events such as concerts, musical events in outdoor and indoor spaces with large number of people.

Public Address (PA)

Public Address (PA) equipment is the intensity, clarity and sound management that enhances the impressive and intense presentation of each event. PUBLIC ADDRESS ELECTRO VOICE speakers, NEXO speakers, LINE ARRAY systems of MEYER SOUND & RCF of exceptional quality and aesthetics.

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Sound Mixer’s

We can supply a Sound Mixers that will meet the requirements of your musical performance. From an 8 Channel Club Mixer to a massive multi Channel Professional Digital Mixing Console. Our Sound Desks, provided by great brands of the industry, like Digigo, Yamaha, Midas, will ensure the best audio experience for your audience.

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We stock some of the best known brands in microphones and audio equipment in order to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality equipment, for the highest quality performance. With our wide variety of condenser and dynamic microphones, we can provide support for whatever performance you have planned.